The themes of out of control are:
gun crime,robbing,police,relation between parents,drugs,money
sex,fights,gang violence,prison,discrimination,language
what is crime
gun crime,drugs stalling(robbing) it is all kinds of bad stuff
the benefits of washing crime programs are learn not to do tease kinds of stuff and it make you aware

"Out of Control"
 Is one of the finest pieces of work in the medium I have ever had the pleasure of watching. It is difficult to sum up the film well; my best attempt is to say that it gives as true a picture of inner city Britain today, in 2002, as could be possible. This doesn't sound that glowing a recommendation really, but judgement should be reserved until after you have seen this stunning, tragic film. The acting is truly brilliant; the characters simply live as real people, in a way that I haven't seen for a long time. The writing and dialogue is brilliant - much of it is skillfully improvised. Overall, every Briton should see this film; and really every person with any humanity.



What i think about out of control is it is a very good program. what i could tell you about this program 
the realism of out of control very realistic



a number of factors contribute to understanding of realism.these factors apply equally to any fictional genre from dramatized documentary to most outlandish science fiction our assessment of realism may consequently differ from text to text but the same question can always be raised 

realism can therefor be seen as combination of
*the plausibility of the story events (could the events being presented happen in real world

thebelievabilityin characters motivation*the relationship of the story plot

of the story and plot events

presentation of filmic space(even in most extreme fantasy or science fictionly seenrio can we suspent our dis belive safficeently to aceept it is how it would be


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NYPD Blue was an American Television police drama set in  new york city, exploring the internal and external struggles of the fictional 15th precinct of . Each episode typically covers a day and intertwines several plots involving an ensemble cast.

The show was created by steven bochco and david milch and inspired by Milch's relationship with bill clark, a former member of the new york city police department who eventually became one of the show's producers. Its episodes were broadcast on the ABC network from its debut on september 21, 1993 to march the 1st, 2005.


NYPD Blue was already off and running in its debut episode, in which Detective John Kelly , in the middle of an acrimonious marital breakup, is faced with the loss of his partner, Andy Sipowicz . 

Kelly's wife, Laura (Sherry Stringfield), is working on her divorce papers with her neighbor Josh "4B" Goldstein , who is subsequently the victim of a mugging. Meanwhile, the burned-out

 Sipowicz gets in dutch with the IAB for putting too much heat on mob boss Giardella , whose partner, Marino , wants Kelly dead. As the episode draws to a close, Kelly has launched a romance with the woman who may turn out to be his assassin -- and Sipowicz pays a terrible price for his ruthless treatment of Giardella.

Main Characters 


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