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edia we have been studying about crime drama that means
police procedural is a sub-genre of the mystery story which attempts to convincingly depict the activities of a police force as they investigate crimes. While traditional detective novels usually concentrate on one single crime, police procedurals frequently depict investigations into several unrelated crimes in a single story. The program we have looked as that is to do with crime drama is out of control why we have been looking at this is because we are looking at Realism that is so we know how real crime is like and we get a good idea on it. We have been looking at loots of topics to do that are the script the DVD cover the angle of the camera the directions and the layout of the script
The BBC and cracking crime drama

The cracking crime drama was in the BBC that was created quite a while ago that was made by the well known BBC.The cracking crime drama was based in London how London is like with crime to show us if we were in crime this could of come by. The BBC is representing the UK, its nations, regions and communities Promoting education and learning, Stimulation creativity and cultures excellence, Bringing the UK to the world and the world to the UK.

Hollywood VS Realism

To start with Hollywood is meanly about fantasy people that is not in the real world but un like realism it is all realistic that are the BBC meanly talk about and make from the programs. So all Hollywood wants is the money and those people more like fantasy but the BBC is much more realistic so on the BBC channels it is not every think that is on there. It just about the BBC creators. So they are very far apart from each other.

Out of Control

This program is based on realism from the BBC that created it. What this first series is about their young boys go is to prison 1 person was for jacking a car 2 people was for robbing a supermarket these people are called young offenders because they are young. But dean is the person that died because he could not handle it he was the person that jacked the car but he’s mate did not go to prison. Dean died because he was getting bulled by the people in the prison
I thought when I was watching the program it was very realistic because of how they looked and I have seen London it is kind of like it so I thought it was very good the way they had put every think.

Out of control script and DVD cover

the out of control script was for my coursework that we had to make a five min seen of the new series of out of control that I called in control we even had to make a DVD cover for the program in control for it that we made is on Photoshop and the script again had to be minimum 800 words and after that we had to do a commentary for all this that was kind of like a review and this is it.


During the whole of the project I have learnt quit a lot from all his learning new skill from media that are how to use Photoshop the key reason we used Photoshop was for the DVD cover for in control. As a whole for this project I thought I did kind of well in this because i kind of new how to use Photoshop for the DVD cover only but I say I learnt quite a lot from all this