Film Noir Reseash

The past few weeks, in this unit I have been studying about Film Noir. The term film noir describes a type of film that is very dark in its outlook. The word noir is French for 'black', and it was during the 1940s that film noir come into its own. The term was coined by film critics just after World War II.And After the war, French film critics noticed a change in US films. A lot of the films were no longer of the sunny side they all became, optimistic fare that was prevalent before the war. The films seemed to be darker and more pessimistic in outlook.

how it all started

There are two main influences of the film noir was Post war disillusionment in the 1940s and the early 1950s gave film noir a mood and a social context. Victory in World War II did not bring the peacetime happiness that. This was because of the darkness and the killing and how everyone felt from all this. The other influences was the World War 2 and how the world felt about all this from the terra.

A good example

A classic example of film noir is double indemnity because Double Indemnity: is this the definitive film noir. the frame narrative that contains the story of Los Angeles insurance agent Walter Neff's entrapment and destruction by the fatal is a little summery what has happed and it all starts with a flashes back to the beginning of the ordeal, when he first met him.He, Walter Neff, was an insurance salesman who renewed Mr. Dietrichson's policy at home. Walter was atracted to the man's wife Phyllis, although her manner was cld and sarcastic. She asked Walter about accident insurance for her wealthy husband. Walter accused her of trying to get him to kill her husband and refused. At his apartment, Phyllis told Walter how abusive her husband was, so Walter agreed to kill Dietrichson. Walter triked Dietrichson into signing the accident insurance policy which insured Dietrichson's life for $50,000--an amount to be doubled in case he had a fatal accident on a train.

Poster (Film Noir)

As you could see my poster it fits with film noir by the use of black and white and the lighting of the pictures of it. And the use of how the way it is laid out. The use of the pictures that make it film noir is because if it is black and white. This part was successful in my opinion because i thought i did really well of how it looked like film noir and the blending of the images and the background. The ideas I got from my poster from some other film noir posters like sin city and double indemnity. 

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As you could see these are the tools i used for my poster
what this show is the software i used and all the tools i used

storyboard (film Noir)

my story board fits film noir because the use of the angles I put in that was a Dutch angle and the use of lighting called chiaroscuro lighting from the visual style. My story board shows that a man was in love with a women but he killed her because she was seeing another man. And know the man that killed her is running away 


What I have learnt from film noir is and film making from this unit is that film noir started from people being scared and from the war and this made black and white films and all different kinds of visual styles. What other stuff i have learnt is more stuff to do with Photoshop that was my poster and i have been practicing on drawing for my story board