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Written by

Abdullah malik









Music fast drums

Black screen with credit going top to bottom

Narrator (v.o)
previously what happed Sam got out of prison while
Danny got out of prison and began to work in the supermarket.

Music fades away

Int high street-day
Sam is walking down to look for a fight and to get money Charlie boy is walking and bumps in to Sam and know things so crazy and wild

Sam # tight on
what the f*** you think your doing do, you what a slap

Music: slow to fast drums
Sam punches him and jacks his phone and then begins to run away Charlie boy chases him

Camera angle:cu dolly

Charlie boy #
Come back!!!

Charlie boy is still running after him and runs up a building runs through walls and runs in buildings

Charlie boy
what the f*** is wrong with you
come back here

Ext: supermarket
Sam runs into a shop smashing the stuff in the supermarket Danny the supermarket man is shocked and looks at him

what the hell

Charlie boy is lost and he can’t find Sam and he goes into a shop to by a drink Charlie boy looks to the side and could see Sam but he acts like he did not see him

quietly:       o shit he now I’m here

Sam begins to walk slowly and then he runs Danny was in his way and pumps in to him


Camera angle:msu

hello my brother long time no see
how you feeling you smashing up my stuff

Charlie boy
O that’s the guy that jacked my phone give it

no I did not he chats ball shit

wait shill out let me think about it

Sam walks slowly to the door

Charlie boy
I don’t believe you Sam

Sam pulls out his pistol gin and locks the door and kept everyone as hostage

everyone git down

They all got down except for one

Deans mum
I aren’t getting down I don’t even know you

you look family from your eyes you look
like dean that was in prison am I write

deans mum
how the f***  do you know that

I made him commit soused

deans mum
what the f*** I am going to kill you

Dean’s mum begins to go crazy and smashes every think and slaps sam on the face and punches him on the balls Sam punches her and gets the gun and hits here on the head

Charlie boy
what do you want

give me the money from the till now

Sam points at the catch machine and loads his gun

No I worked for that money cant you earn it you’re self

Sam gets his gun and Danny stands up Sam looks at his gun and shoots Danny on the leg              

ok ok don’t kill me please we used to be
friend please don’t I would give you much more if
you let everyone go please

no money now 

Sam begins to work at the cash machine and shoots the lock and then the catch opens and Sam takes all of the money Charlie boy moves slowly to Sam and deans mum begins to wake up

you woke up quickly dean’s mum

Sam sits down and begins to think of some thinks Charlie boy and deans mum give eye contact and Charlie boy moves his head at Sam and deans mum nods his head Charlie boy grabs Sam’s leg and holds it

Charlie boy
go on then dean

Sam gets his gun and shots Charlie boy on his arm and dean’s mum laughs at him

Deans mum
kill him for me

Na man you dizzy o I think you forgot I was the one that killed your son if it was me I would of helped Charlie boy so unlucky

Sam does not know what to do he is walking up and down and gets deans mum and ties it on a chair

Deans mum
get of me get of me why you doing this

Dean’s mum spits on Sam and then Sam keeps spitting on deans mum

anyone ones a peace of me just stand now

No one stand up everyone is quit


Charlie boy

now one could here you so shut up I don’t
want to hear your duty voice

Charlie boy
f*** of


how is your leg is it fine I guess wait is there a another way out of this supermarket Danny

na man

Danny finds a phone and calls the police and tells them to come and then they begin to come

music slow and then begins to go fast drums

cross over 1
police car begins to come a swat team is coming

cross over 2

what the hell have you got there Danny

Sam picks up the phone and looks at Danny

Did I just see that give it here


Sam redials the previous number and looks at Danny

what the hell is wrong with you

Sam gets Danny and shoots him on his arm

music: big bass fast music

Cross over 3
the police are coming to the super market

Police officer:
this is the police you are surrounded could you please
get out of the building Sam we could fix this all
you have to do is stop and come out

music stops

how the hell they know my name

Sam smashes the window and puts a gun on Danny and looks at the police

music begins out of control theme tune comes on and that the end