My  superhero front cover shows that he is very fast and he has got lost of gadgets. What I think about my super hero is i think that i did a very good job from this. I like the speed effect i done to make my super hero look fast from the title. What i think about my comic cover is that it does do the job for the modern society.
Why i created my character like this is because to make him look fast. why i put the background as the sun is because he has very fast powers and he came from space here the sun and know one know how he looks like
why there are two bad gyes is because there is always one dopey bad gi and there is the boss that tell everyone what to to and he always wats what he was the brown one is the boss and the white won is the dopy one or sometimes it goes the other way around


I mand my logo very simple because it should be simple the sp stands for speed because he is very fast. how i made this logo is i used photoshop cs2 for this i had made my logo at home