About the Song 'Where is the Love': from the album Elephunk, which was released on the 16th June 2003. The genre of the song is Hip-Hop and contemporary R&B, which was produced by Will.i.am, Ron Fair.

 2 friends want to raise their voice over the topic 'where is the love', because from 1-2 months they are noticing the unfair treatment, dicrimination and other abuse happening with people. This therefore makes them feel sad, however motivated to change the way their society lives their lives, which is done by arranging a concert, which include both the friends singing and reflecting back and remembering all the major abuses and dicrimination happening to people in their community. Their basic aim is to spread love between all races, which they think could be solved by having a concert about it and want to attract more and more people to it, and by the end of the song there is a que outside with the hall full as people really liked it, leading to their success of spreading the love'

Mise-en- scene: Main Hall, Lampton Field, Corridors.

Tone: Starts of with a sad tone however at the end it turns to be happy one.

SFX (Special effects): Motion for the background when the song's pitch get higher, green screen at the start along with motion to write the title 'where is the love', transitions used for the flahsback during the concert, the city moving fast and zooms in on the actor at the start of the music video while the actor is singing.

Props: Musical instruments, concert clothes, posters for the concert other minor things.

The song that we are going to do is:The Black eyed Peas-where is the love